What’s all the Buzz: Meet Buzz Seaton

If not to taste the wine, then meeting Buzz Seaton, the man behind Seaton Winery, makes the drive to Dry Creek Valley worthwhile. Born Hugh Dearborn Seaton II (yes really!), Buzz was raised in Santa Rosa. After graduating from Santa Rosa High School, Buzz continued his education at Sonoma State and then finished his coursework at Chico State. Although he studied biology and accounting, with aspirations of being a teacher, he began his career in construction, a field that he felt passionate about. He eventually became a partner in a local construction firm, and then began his own firm, Seaton Construction. He built the home his mother and father shared and the “dream home” of his wife, Sally, for his own family. Today, he gets to build one of his own dreams, Seaton Winery.

In 2001, Buzz began helping his father with the vineyards after putting in a full day of work at the construction site. As his father grew older, the time Buzz spent in the vineyards increased more and more. By 2004, he realized that he needed to be available to his family and to the vineyards on a regular basis so he and Sally moved into the farmhouse on the property in Dry Creek Valley. He continued to work two jobs, spending many late hours of the night tending the rows of Merlot, Zinfandel, and Cabernet grapes. He loved working in the vineyards and found himself wanting to devote his time to farming award-winning grapes from the place he called home. Eventually he was able to fulfill this desire as he worked to secure grape contracts among a few of the most regarded wineries in the area. In 2009, after the wines made from the fruit raised by Seaton Vineyards continued to win awards, Buzz began to have new dreams. He not only wanted to raise award-winning grapes, but he also wanted to create award-winning wines of his own. It was then that Seaton Winery began to take shape. With the support of his family and much determination, Seaton Winery was finally a dream come true.

Buzz is a family man and friend. He is dedicated and loyal to those he loves. He will pull you in with his dry sense of humor and charm and he will call you a friend every day after. What’s all the buzz about? Buzz Seaton: Seaton Winery proprietor, father, husband, son, and just a really great guy!!

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