In 1966 Hugh and Ruth Seaton bought a 70 acre ranch in the Dry Creek Valley. It had a small farmhouse and an old red barn along with apple orchards, prune trees, and a small orange grove. A few grapevines were planted as well and Hugh was eager to tend to all of his crops. Their only son, Buzz had just finished high school and he can remember people questioning why his family had made the purchase. Knowing his Dad wanted to farm he defended the family’s decision and did all he could to help his father. In 1982, Buzz helped his Dad build a second home on the hillside portion of the property. It would be the home his Mom and Dad would share together for the rest of their lives. With a wall of all windows, the home has some of the most beautiful views in the entire valley, including Ruth’s beautiful gardens. As the years passed, however so did the demand for wine grapes. Apples and prunes became Merlot and Zinfandel and the ranch turned into a vineyard that Hugh continued to farm and manage until his final days.

Buzz married his high school sweetheart Sally in 1970. They purchased their first home in Santa Rosa and had three girls of their own; Amy, Heather, and Lauren. Many days were spent out in Healdsburg at the ranch with the girls. The property runs along the creek and Buzz and his Dad built a foundation for a tent and family camp outs filled with endless memories were made swimming in the creek and running through the crops.

By the time the girls were done with college the ranch they had adored growing up was now a 30+ acre vineyard producing Merlot, Cabernet, and Zinfandel grapes for neighboring wineries. Buzz was still running a private construction company but found himself helping his Dad in the vineyards more and more. Burning both ends of the candle, Sally and Buzz decided to move out to the small farmhouse in 2004 to allow Buzz to work the vineyards alongside his Dad on a more regular basis and within a few years fruit from SEATON Vineyards was receiving Gold Medal awards for the wineries who were purchasing it. Buzz realized he had an incredible product and his dream of owning his own winery began.

SEATON Winery is a family owned and operated small production business. Buzz continues to tend to the vineyard while his daughters help him run and grow the brand. With a knack for numbers and a background in compliance, Heather helps manage the books and the wine club. Amy enjoys writing and creativity and has been able to contribute to the Sales and Marketing efforts and Lauren is an attorney in Orange County so her wisdom and advice is always welcome! As soon as the tasting room doors open Sally’s gift for conversation and welcoming heart round will make guests feel right at home. SEATON Winery truly is a family affair and we are so excited to share it with all of our family, friends, and guests from all walks of life.